In this article, we answer the most common questions about broadcast comments and reactions.

Q: Where do I see comments posted to my broadcast?

A: Comments will appear under Public chat after going live. Use Host chat to communicate privately with your guests.

Q: I'm streaming to multiple platforms. How will I know if the comment was posted on Facebook or YouTube?

A: The Facebook or YouTube logo will appear next to the commenter's profile picture. Hovering your cursor over the comment will also display the exact destination it was posted to. In the example below, the comment was posted to a Facebook group entitled "Be.Live Team".

Q: How do I send a comment to my viewers?

A: Use the chat box at the bottom. You can only send comments from Be.Live when broadcasting to YouTube channels and Facebook pages (due to Facebook restrictions). If broadcasting to a group or timeline, comment on Facebook directly. If multi-streaming, you can choose to post the comment to all destinations or just one.

Q: How do I see reactions on my broadcast?

A: The number of viewers and reactions is displayed in the section above Public chat. Clicking the arrow will display Facebook reactions but only from users you're friends with. YouTube does not provide the names of those who liked your broadcast.

Q: How do I display a comment on my broadcast?

A: Click Show next to the comment to display it on screen.

Q: Why aren't comments appearing in the Be.Live studio?

A: If broadcasting to your Facebook timeline, make sure that the privacy of the post is set to Public. Comments do not appear in the studio if the broadcast is set to private or only to a particular audience.

You can learn how to change your privacy settings on Facebook here.

Q: I'm streaming to my Facebook group. Why are commenters' names appearing as 'Facebook User'?

A: Facebook no longer allows third-party apps like Be.Live to access information about group members. Luckily, there is a way around this! Full details here.

Q: How can viewers comment on my YouTube broadcast?

A: Viewers must be signed in to their Google accounts to post a comment. Only comments from Top Chat on the right will appear in the studio. Comments made under your video post will not appear.

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