Check how many clicked, signed up, and subscribed to a Be.Live paid package using your affiliate link.

Step 1

Log in to your Partner Dashboard account here:

Please note that Be.Live uses a third-party tool, Tapfiliate, to manage the Partners Program.

Step 2

From the dashboard, click 'Reporting' to see all your statistics in a given period.

Step 3

Choose the timeline of the statistics you want to check. The report defaults to the last 30 days, but you can select custom dates by clicking 'Custom Range'.

Step 4

On the upper left corner of the 'Reporting' page, click the dropdown menu and select which data you want to view:

  • Clicks - how many times a user clicks your link

  • Customers - users who click your link and sign up

  • Conversion Approved - when a customer subscribes to a paid subscription. Please note that all conversions need to be approved by our team first to ensure all conversions are legitimate.

  • Conversion Amount - the amount of the package that the customer paid for. For example, if the customer subscribes to a Standard+ Yearly plan, the conversion amount would be $299.

  • Commission Amount - the commission amount is 20% of the sale price. Therefore, if a customer signs up and then upgrades to the Standard+ Yearly subscription after 14 days, the commission amount would be $59.80.

  • MLM Commission Amount - if you invite another person to sign up for the Partners Program, you will receive 10% of that sale. You can learn more about that here:

Other details

  • Statistics are updated in real-time and all conversions are approved daily.

  • Data can be viewed as a line graph in order to clearly see the trend. Additionally, data is displayed by date in columns under the graph.

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