Are you tired of negative or spammy commenters? Do you get distracted by many comments during your stream? Our Comment Assistant feature will allow you to automatically display positive comments and questions directly on-screen while you're live on YouTube or Facebook.

How can I benefit from the Comment Assistant feature?

We know that sometimes multiple comments during your stream can be distracting from the topic of the discussion and it can become overwhelming to monitor all of them. Comment Assistant will filter and showcase the most important comments from your viewers, including questions and positive feedback.

What kind of comments will be displayed on my screen?

Comment Assistant will automatically display on-screen positive comments and compliments (i.e. "Great show!") as well as questions that your viewers may have for you (i.e. "When is your next broadcast?").

Can I hide comments I do not like?

Simply click Hide to manually hide a comment.

How do I enable Comment Assistant?

To enable Comment Assistant, simply switch the toggle to ON. On the right side of your studio, you will see the comments section divided into two parts: Public and Host chat. Under the public chat, you will see all comments and reactions from your viewers. Use Host chat to communicate with your guests privately.

Note: You can only enable Comment Assistant before the broadcast but you can disable it anytime during the stream.

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