Custom RTMP feature is available on the paid plans (Standard+ and Pro).


With Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) Output, you are no longer limited to Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn streams -- you may also go live to other platforms, thereby allowing you to reach a wider audience and boost your brand.

What you need

To set up RTMP output, you need the following:

  • Server URL - this is the link to the platform you will be broadcasting to

  • Stream key - this is a unique alphanumeric code that lets your platform know where to stream your video to

Platforms supporting RTMP

Click the links below for more information regarding RTMP.

Setting up a custom RTMP destination

1. From the studio, click Set Destination.

2. Select Custom RTMP as your destination.

3. Input the server URL/domain and stream key. For instance, if you wish to go live on Vimeo, you can find these under the Connect tab:

4. Hit Save.

5. You're now ready to go live!

Connecting your camera and starting the broadcast

Now that your destination is set, click Camera from the toolbar to push your webcam to the staging section:

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After connecting your camera, click Show in Stream on your camera preview. This means your camera is now "active" and you will be seen by the audience once you start the broadcast.

Once ready, click Start to begin your recording. A 3-second countdown will appear to signal the start of the stream. To end your broadcast, click the stop button:

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Other things to know

  • RTMP does not support scheduling.

  • You can only use one RTMP destination at a time.

  • Comments and reactions are not available for RTMP as well as commenting from the studio.

  • The stream key will expire after the broadcast ends.

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