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Camera image is blank on the broadcast

Camera is visible in the studio but on the live broadcast, there is no image. Only the background is visible.

Chrome issue

Can be caused by:

- 2 tabs with the studio open;

- inactive studio for quite some time after a camera was connected;

- external cam disconnection

Stop button unresponsive

Stop button is not responding when the user is trying to end the stream.

In progress


Try refreshing the page and clicking on the Stop button again.

No audio

Mic disconnection, the camera is added to the stream, but there is no audio on the broadcast

In progress


Try refreshing the page and reselecting the microphone in the settings.

No audio when the camera is moved to the staging area

No audio from mic when the camera source is moved from broadcasting area to staging

Not a bug

Fix: make sure your camera source is added to staging. You can hide your camera by clicking on the "Stop video" button.

Images are sideways

Uploaded images are rotated (upside down) on the broadcast, while everything looks fine in the studio.


Broadcast abruptly ends

Broadcast ends with no indication in the Be.Live studio.


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