🥇 Mirror Camera

We’ve added an option to mirror your camera image!

This feature is disabled by default, but you can easily enable it from your camera settings.

Note: this feature is available both for the host and the guest!

🥈 Virtual Background

  • no physical green screen is needed

  • blur the background or replace it with an image of your choice

  • powered by NVIDIA technologies

Click on the gear icon above your camera to start setting up. Full instructions on how to use it can be found here: Virtual Background

Virtual Background is available with the PRO subscription.

🥉 Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop functionality is available to everyone so you can have smoother transitions when changing the order or adding new sources to the stream. Now you can easily:

  • change the order of your sources inside the "In stream" area

  • replace "In stream" sources with those in your "Staging" area - just drag them to the left section.

Fixes Released:

  • Fixed the issue with the YouTube videos (added via link) being stopped when SOLO is used for another source.

  • Now long comments are scrolled down in the Classic theme.

  • Fixed the Stop Button being unresponsive.

  • No more audio drops after hiding source from the "In stream" area.

  • Fixed the certificate errors on older Mac devices.

Other recent releases:

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