🆕 Presenting Slides

Now you can easily upload slides in formats .pdf, .pptx, .ppt directly to the Studio! Once they are uploaded, you will be able to easily switch between slides using the arrow buttons.

Here is how you can upload the presentation:

  1. Click on Add media, then Slides and select your presentation.

  2. After that, you will see the presentation in the studio. You can easily switch between slides by using the arrow buttons:

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Slides are available with Standard+ and PRO subscriptions.

🆕 8 people/sources in the stream

Now you can include up to 8 different sources in your stream at the same time. These sources can be various remote guests, images, slides, videos, shared screens, etc.

The Basic Free plan still allows up to 2 people/sources in the stream, while Standard+ and PRO subscriptions support up to 8.

🆕 Guest Approval

Once the guest clicks "Join" you will be able to either Approve or Reject their entrance into the stream's staging area (waiting room).

🆕 Studio Templates

Templates allow you to save a pre-set version of the Studio for your event(s), it will save the current studio state for future use.

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Templates are available with PRO subscriptions.

🆕 Solo from staging

After pressing "Solo" on the nonactive source, it is added to the stream full-screen.

Fixes Released:

  • Fixed the issue with the YouTube videos (added via link) being stopped when SOLO is used for another source.

  • Now long comments are scrolled down in the Classic theme.

Other recent releases:

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