How to Embed a YouTube Live on your Website or Social Media Platforms

Learn how to embed live Youtube broadcast on your website, social media channels, blog, Wordpress, Wix, or Tilda-based sites
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Are you doing live shows on Youtube? For many people looking for your stream, your website is probably the first place they will look! Let’s find out how to embed a video on your website to attract more viewers and engagement.

Note: your broadcast privacy settings have to be set to Public or Unlisted for your website visitors to see it. You can learn more about Privacy Settings in this article.

How to embed a broadcast on a website

The easiest way to embed a live video is to copy and paste the embed code available for the video. Note that the embed code will be different for each broadcast. You need to have access to HTML editing of the block or page, no coding required! Just follow the next steps: 

1. First of all, create a broadcast using Be.Live. 

2. Go to YouTube video you wish to embed (you can find the link in My Profile > My broadcasts) and click the ‘share’ button followed by the ‘embed’ button:

3. Simply copy the code from the popup window and paste it into the code of the web page or blog:

How to embed a broadcast on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Blogger)

1. To embed YouTube videos on social media, open the YouTube video you want to embed.

2. Click the ‘Share’ button.

3. A list of social media sites will appear.  You can select whichever site you want.

Note: If you share the link on these social media sites, only the link to the broadcast will be shared, not the embedded video itself.

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How to embed a broadcast on a WordPress website

1. Go to WordPress, open the page where you want to embed the video to and click on 'Add block'

2. Find Youtube in the list and click on it. 

3. After this, paste the link to the video in the field and click embed. 

That’s it! You can see the preview of your broadcast right away.

How to embed a broadcast on a Wix website

1. Go to Wiz, open the page where you want to embed the video

2. Click on Add > Video > Youtube.

3. After this, a block will be added to your page. Click on Change Video and past the link to your broadcast.

How to embed a broadcast on a Tilda website

To embed a Facebook live video on Tilda-built website:

1. Copy the link to the video on Youtube
2. Go to Tilda > open page > add block > select Youtube.

3. Then click Content and add the link to the video - that’s it!

You can also embed a live video with chat! Just select Youtube live with chat option in the block list: 

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If your video is not available on the website

If you get a "Video unavailable" message on the website, please check your Video Settings on Youtube to make sure embedding is allowed.

Simply go to "Edit Video":

Select "More options" and make sure "Allow embedding" is checked. 

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