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Set up a giveaway in just one click!
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Currently, streamers are using third-party platforms, sheets, and other manual processes to pull off a giveaway segment during the stream.

Imagine, while talking to your viewers, you have to list down all the names of the participants, open a new platform to do the random pick, and open multiple tabs to pull this off. Inconvenient, hassle and time-consuming, right? 

Note: According to Amazon's Terms of Use, streamers cannot use 3rd-party tools for giveaways. The lottery jar widget won’t be available when Amazon is selected as one of the destinations. 

The Lottery Jar widget allows you to conveniently and quickly pick a random participant among the commenters, without leaving your Be.Live studio. It is a giveaway mechanism that selects the winner randomly.

How to Enable the Lottery Jar

1. Click on "Widgets" from the options on the left side of the studio.

2. Press the toggle beside "Lottery Jar" to enable it.

How to Join the Lottery Jar

Commenters from all the destinations are added to the jar.

One commenter = 1 bubble added to the lottery jar as an entry

How Does it Work

  1. The bubbles reflecting the profile picture of the commenter are falling down into the jar. (if there is no pic, the default one will be used)
  2. The “Get a Winner” button appears.
  3. Once you are ready to show the winner, click the "Get a Winner" button. After the shaking of the jar, the winner is displayed on the screen. If you want to re-select the winner, click the "Get winner" button again and it will re-select the winner.
  4. The winner’s data is saved and displayed in the list next to the jar.
  5. The data will be deleted after the broadcast ends.
  6. If you want to reset the lottery jar at all for it to become empty, click on the "Reset" button:

Impact on the Live Streamers

  • Giveaways using the lottery jar will create hype in your stream; increasing your viewers, followers, and commenters.
  • Lottery Jar is your opportunity to reach new viewers and gain their loyalty. They may have joined your stream for the giveaway, but if you genuinely entertain them, they will return to your stream and become your constants.

Impact on the Viewers

  • Chance to win a prize by just leaving a comment in your stream.
  • They can see their profile pictures going to the jar as an entry to the lottery. That's fun and interesting!

Things to Know

  • You can move the lottery jar anywhere on the screen once you enable the widget.
  • Viewers who didn't give access to use their name/profile image in the group won't be able to participate in the lottery jar.
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