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Do you need your assistant to manage the show while focusing on your audience? Or maybe you need to join the broadcast via your phone?
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This is a workaround from our team if you need someone to manage your broadcast fully or you want to join your show from mobile or just don't want to worry about managing the show while you're hosting. The host and the assistant don't need to be in the same room.

Be.Live accounts may be connected to personal email/password or personal Facebook profiles or Google accounts. If the presenter wants the broadcast to appear on their timeline or the page or in a group on their behalf, the assistant would need to have access to that Be.Live credentials, Facebook profile, or Google account. Here's how:

  • If the assistant has access to the host’s Be.Live credentials, Facebook profile/Google account, they can log in to the host's Be.Live account and proceed with managing the broadcast on their side.

  • If the assistant does not have access to the host’s account, the host would need to set everything up on the assistant's computer, log in and open the studio.

What’s next after the assistant has successfully logged into the studio?

The assistant should share the guest link with the presenter:

Once the presenter joins via this link, the assistant will see them in the Staging area first. The assistant will be able to move the presenter from the Staging section to the Stream by clicking the "Show in Stream" in the top right corner of the camera feed:

[Note: People in the Staging section are NOT seen or heard by the audience.]

As you can see, the person who created the broadcast does not need to connect their camera at all. But they can control everything that is shown in the broadcast, including branding, text updates, media and etc.

Now you can review our articles to find out more about going live on Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn to make sure you are aware of all the steps when it comes to managing a broadcast. 

Feel free to use the host chat (on the right side of the studio) to communicate with each other privately:

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