Studio Templates

Get prepared for multiple events beforehand!
Written by Daria
Updated 1 year ago

Do you have multiple formats of the show, or multiple broadcasts planned and want to prepare everything beforehand? You can easily do it with templates!

Templates allow you to save a pre-set version of the Studio for your event, it will save the current studio state for future use.

How to use templates:

  1. In the right top part of the Studio, click on My Studio Templates, then click on Create template:

  2. Fill in the name of your template:
  3. Once you select a new template, you will see a cleared Studio:

  4. You can add the needed sources & branding and save them for future use! The following items are saved: branding, live sales lists, agenda items, media files, camera, screen share.

  5. Here is how you can easily switch between templates:

Please note that:

  • It’s not possible to change a template during the broadcast.

  • The default template cannot be renamed, deleted and also doesn’t count in the total sum of templates.

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