Virtual Background

Set up an image for your background or blur the background without a physical green screen
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With Be.Live cutting edge technologies, you can replace your background or blur it with just a few clicks! No need for expensive physical green screens or a complex setup. You can change your background with any web camera, without the need for extra hardware.

So, with the Virtual Background feature, you can:

  • Blur your background

  • Upload your own image as your background

Suggested set-up

For best results, we suggest having:

  • A powerful device

  • A solid background color (green or blue would be best)

  • Good lighting

  • Clothing that isn't the same color as your virtual background

Changing your background

  1. Click Camera from the toolbar.
  2. Click the gear icon to display camera settings.
  3. Select from the available virtual backgrounds, or upload your own image.


  • Virtual background can be used with 360p, 480p, and 720p resolutions.

  • The default resolution for the virtual background is 480p, you would need to change the resolution manually after applying the background if you want to go live with 720p.

  • You can upload images in .jpg or .png format.

  • You may change or disable your virtual background at any time while live.

  • You can only have one camera source at a time if background removal is enabled.

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