Navigating Your Be.Live Profile and Broadcasts Page

Where to access your profile information and links to your broadcast
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My Profile

To access your profile, click My Profile from the Be.Live homepage:

In your profile, you will find the following information:

  1. Your account name and email address (Note: Your email address will be the same one connected to the platform used to sign up).

  2. Your Invite-A-Friend stats (full details here)

  3. Sign-up date and link to My Broadcasts page

  4. Create a new broadcast button

  5. Your broadcast statistics - states the total number for all streams that went live

  6. Your current subscription plan 

My Broadcasts

In this page, you can:

  • Edit your finished broadcast using the Video Editor

  • Find information and links to your broadcasts

  • Access, edit and start your scheduled broadcasts

  • Download your finished broadcasts

How to access your broadcasts page

Option 1:

From your profile, click My Broadcasts.

Option 2:

From the studio, click your profile photo and select My Streams.

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