Guest Troubleshooting

A short article for guests experiencing issues with their camera or microphone
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If you are experiencing issues with your camera or mic, here's a list of troubleshooting steps you can take.

Close other software or programs that can be using your webcam

If you're getting a black/white screen, another software in the background may be using your camera, therefore blocking Be.Live's access. Make sure to close these programs. Additionally, please note that certain antivirus software and firewalls may block the ability to connect your camera.

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome

Updating apps regularly is definitely important. New updates fix bugs and glitches that slow down your computer.

Refresh the page

If your screen is stuck or frozen, refreshing the page will fix the problem. Don't worry - refreshing will not stop the broadcast.

Grant permissions so Be.Live can access your camera, mic and speakers

First, close the camera window in the studio by clicking the X icon in the top right corner. Afterwards, grant permissions for Be.Live to access your camera, microphone and speakers. Full instructions here.

Clear cache and reboot your computer

This simple step can help fix freezing, lags, delays, black screen, etc.

Temporary files like internet history, cookies, and cache take up a ton of space on your hard disc. Deleting them frees up valuable space and speeds up your computer. Learn how to clear your cache on Chrome here. For Safari, click here.

Restarting the computer refreshes the memory and prompts essential tools to run maintenance on it. When you leave your computer on, background programs and apps hog its memory, so rebooting will surely speed up your computer/laptop.

Check computer settings to make sure Chrome has access to your camera/mic

For Mac - Security & Privacy > "Privacy" section.

Make sure Chrome is marked in both the camera and mic sections.

If you're using an external camera/mic, try re-plugging it in.

Check the settings/Switch resolutions

Once you connect your camera to the studio, click on the gear icon to open the settings window. A drop-down menu for camera & mic settings will appear. Switch between internal and external cameras/mics and test out different resolutions.

Note that the default resolution is 480p. Lower resolution works better with a slower internet connection and older computers. If you're on a powerful device and your internet connection is stable, feel free to increase it to 720p or 1080p.


An echo is caused when one person's voice is heard through another one's microphone. To avoid the sound from reaching the microphone, wearing headsets is a must for both the host and guests.

A good rule to remember: if you hear the echo, then it's NOT coming from your system. The person causing the echo DOES NOT hear the echo.

Unless the Be.Live Studio is open in more than one tab, or your Amazon, Facebook, or YouTube live stream is open in another tab. That means the sound from it is picked up by your mic. Make sure you do not have that open during the stream or at least have it muted.

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