How to Add A Guest on Mobile App

Add guests using the iOS mobile app
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Add a guest

  1. Tap the icon below to send the link to your guest using your preferred method. (Note: One guest can be shown on screen at a time while others can wait in the staging area.)
  2. Once the guest connects their camera and successfully joins your broadcast, they will appear in your studio. (Note: No one will hear a guest before they are added to the stream.)
  3. Tap the guest icon > tap Show [Guest] in Stream to display them on screen.
  4. Once the guest is added, you will notice the following buttons on their camera preview: 1.Hide - hides the guest from the stream                                                                    2. Stop Video - disables the guest's camera (viewers won't see them but viewers will still hear them)                                                                            3.Mute - disables the guest's mic (viewers will not hear them)
  5. To remove a guest completely, tap their icon > Remove from Stream

  6. To communicate with guests, tap Backstage Chat.

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