How to Go Live Using the Mobile App

Start your broadcast from anywhere using the Be.Live Mobile App
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If starting a broadcast from desktop or laptop, click here.

NOTE: Be.Live Mobile App is available for iOS (iPhone).

Downloading the mobile app

Option 1: Direct link

Visit this link from your device > tap Get.

Option 2: App Store search

Search "Be.Live" from the iOS App Store > tap Get.

Option 3: Via QR code

Using your camera, scan the QR code below.

Setting up the broadcast

  1. Open the Be.Live mobile app.
  2. Sign in to your account > tap Continue.
  3. You're now in the studio! Set up your broadcast destination(s) by tapping Set Destination. (Note: Recording Only (Offline Recording) is selected by default as a destination.)
  4. Tap Add New > select a destination where you want to stream (Facebook timeline/page/group or YouTube channel) > tap Save.
  5. To add another destination, tap Add New and repeat step 4. You can add up to 5 destinations. Skip this step to stream to a single destination.
  6. To remove a destination, click the bin icon.
  7. Once destinations are set, type in your broadcast title and description > tap Save.

  8. To stream in landscape mode, make sure the orientation isn't locked then rotate your phone sideways. (Note: You won't be able to change modes while streaming.)

  9. To start the stream, tap Go Live.

Studio Buttons

In the studio, you will see several buttons with different functionalities.

  1. Home - here, you can: see your account information, log out, join stream as a guest, generate a new guest link, view Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and use Support Chat.

  2. Go Live - starts your broadcast

  3. Switch camera - allows you to switch between front and rear camera

  4. Stop video - disables your camera (no one will see you)

  5. Mute - disables your microphone (no one will hear you)

  6. Set Destination - allows you to change your broadcast destination

  7. Logo - allows you to change or upload your own logo

  8. Add Guest - allows you to share your invite link to a guest. To hide a guest, tap the guest screen once and tap Hide.

  9. Backstage Chat - allows you to chat with your guests privately (viewers will not see your messages)

  10. All Comments - allows you to view and display comments posted on the broadcast. Tap on a comment to display it in your stream.

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Other things to know

  • Currently, scheduling isn't available in the app. If you scheduled a broadcast in the web version of Be.Live, you can only start it from your computer.

  • You can multi-stream to 5 destinations at once (YouTube channel + 4 Facebook destinations (timeline/page/group).

  • You can either have 1 guest shown on screen or two people at a time (host + guest).

  • Recordings can be accessed from the web only. Go to our home page, log into your account, go to My Profile > My Broadcasts.

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