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Join a Be.Live broadcast directly from the mobile app
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If joining from desktop/laptop, click here. If joining from a mobile browser, click here.

Note: You don't need a Be.Live account to join as a guest!

Mobile App is available on iOS (iPhone).

Downloading the mobile app

Option 1: Direct link

Visit this link from your device > tap Get.

Option 2: App Store search

Search "Be.Live" from the App Store > tap Get.

Option 3: Via QR code

Using your camera, scan the QR code below.

Joining the broadcast (Option 1)

  1. Follow the guest link > open the Be.Live mobile app.
  2. Sign in using Google or Facebook OR join without signing in.
  3. If joining without signing in, enter your display name > Continue
  4. You're now in the studio! Tap Connect Camera > grant permissions for both your camera and microphone by tapping OK.

Joining the broadcast (Option 2)

  1. Open the Be.Live mobile app.
  2. Sign in using Google or Facebook.
  3. After signing in, you'll see the Studio. Click on the Home button:
  4. Choose Join Stream as a Guest option:
  5. Insert the invitation link to the Studio and click on Continue:
  6. Enter your name and click on Continue one more time:
  7. You're now in the studio! 

Studio Buttons

In the studio, you will see several buttons with different functionalities:

  1. Home (will appear if you joined using Google or Facebook) - displays your account information, gives you the option to log out, view terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and use Support Chat

  2. Switch camera - allows you to switch between front and rear camera

  3. Mute - disables your microphone (no one will hear you)

  4. Backstage Chat - allows you to chat with the host and other guests privately (viewers will not see your messages)

  5. All Comments - allows you to view comments posted to the broadcast (when the show is live)

Broadcast Status

The status of the broadcast is displayed next to the Home button. Information is detailed below:

  1. Waiting... (standby) - waiting for the host to connect to the studio
  2. In Offline Stream - the host is already in the studio, but the broadcast is not started yet
  3. LIVE. Waiting... - the broadcast is live, but you are not yet shown in the stream
  4. In LIVE Stream! - the broadcast is live and viewers can now see you
  5. Thanks for joining - the broadcast is finished
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