Manage your Be.Live Subscription

How to access the FastSpring account and check out or change your payment details.
Written by Daria
Updated 11 months ago

FastSpring is a payment platform we’re using for managing user’s purchases and subscriptions. In this guide, you will learn in detail how to use your Fastspring account.

After you purchased a paid plan via FastSpring, you can manage your subscription in your FastSpring account. You can access it through the link you received in the confirmation letter after payment:

By clicking Order management, you will be redirected to the following page where you have to enter your email:

You will receive another email with a link to follow that grants you temporary access to the account:

Great, you finally accessed your FastSpring account! Here, you can view all your transactions, subscriptions, download invoices, and check account details.

Updating your payment method

Click on the Subscriptions section and from there select your Be.Live subscription. Then click Manage —> Update payment method.

In the following window, you can see your current method, select between your payment methods or add a new one. Once you add a new method, it will be automatically selected as your current payment method.

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