Create Personalized Greeting Cards & Repurpose Videos

Record a video greeting card for your audience
Written by Daria
Updated 2 months ago

Note: This feature is only available on Google Chrome.

With Be.Live's Video Editor, you can create video greeting cards for your family, friends or community. Select from a variety of colorful and animated backgrounds and add your custom text for a more personal touch.

Click here to create your first greeting card


  1. From the Be.Live studio, click at the square with dots > Video Editor > Create video > hit Record > record your video clip > Save recording > choose Editor on the left panel
  2. Select an overlay style and background image.
  3. Add your custom text.
  4. Click Download Clip in the upper right to download the video in .mp4 format.

To share the trimmed broadcast directly to your Facebook group or page, click Share Clip > select destination > add title and description > Share.


  • Video cards will not overwrite the original video. Original recordings are retained in your broadcasts page.

  • Video cards are not stored in your account.

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