How to enable live-streaming on your LinkedIn Account

Access criteria on how to increase your chances of getting your account approved for live-streaming on LinkedIn
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If you are interested in streaming to LinkedIn, you have to meet the platform's main criteria to get this feature enabled on your LinkedIn account.

Selection criteria

  • Have a Decent Following. You must have more than 150 followers or connections on your LinkedIn profile or page.
  • Follow the Rules. You should have a history of following LinkedIn's rules for behaving professionally as defined by LinkedIn Professional Community Policies. Only people who have a clean and positive track record as members, Page owners, or their administrators will be considered for access to Live Video on LinkedIn.
  • Location Matters. If you're in mainland China, you can't use LinkedIn Live right now.

Once you meet all of the LinkedIn requirements, you need to trigger a review of your profile or Page to get access instantly. You can do that by setting up the LinkedIn destination in the Be.Live Studio. Learn how to go live on LinkedIn here.

If you are able to choose your LinkedIn profile/Page in the Destination section and after starting the stream it appears on LinkedIn - it means that you are already eligible to go live on LinkedIn. 

🔗 Find out more about triggering a review of your LinkedIn profile/Page here.

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