How to go live on Instagram

Learn how to go live on Instagram using the RTMP feature
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Learn how to stream to Amazon here, YouTube hereFacebook here, TikTok here and to LinkedIn here. To stream to multiple destinations simultaneously, click here.

Setting up the Instagram destination

Step 1

Open on your desktop, click the Create button, and select the Live video option from the dropdown menu:

Step 2

When the Go Live screen opens, enter the title of the broadcast. After that select your audience: choose Practice if you don't want your stream to be broadcasted to anyone and Public for your show to be streamed to your Instagram followers:

Step 3 

After clicking on the Next button, the screen with your unique Source URL and Stream key should be open. You will need to copy those broadcast credentials to insert them later in your Be.Live studio:

Note: The Stream key is not static, and will refresh each time you use Live Producer.

Setting up the Be.Live Studio

Step 4

Now let's head over to your Be.Live studio and set up a broadcast there.

Select the Instagram destination and insert the Server URL and Stream key from the previous step and click on Save:

At this point, you can also create a simulcast broadcast and stream to different destinations along with your Instagram one.

Step 5

Now that your destination is set, click Camera from the toolbar to push your webcam to the staging section:

You will notice 3 buttons on the camera source:

  1. Show in Stream toggle - pushes your camera source to the broadcasting section

  2. Mute - disables your microphone (viewers stop hearing you)

  3. Stop video - disables your camera (viewers stop seeing you)

Move yourself to the broadcast by clicking the Show in Stream toggle.

Step 6 

After pushing your camera to the broadcasting section, click Start to begin your broadcast. A 3-second countdown will appear to signal the start of the stream. To end your broadcast, click the Stop button:

Step 7

After starting the stream on Be.Live, it should appear in the Preview section on Instagram. Click Go Live on Instagram, to begin broadcasting! 

Please make sure to start the stream on both platforms: first in the Be.Live Studio and then on Instagram.

Step 8 

❗ Once your broadcast is finished, make sure to end the video on both platforms. Click End Live Video on Instagram, and the Stop button in the Be.Live Studio. 

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That's it! You're ready to start streaming on Instagram! 🤗

Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to start the chat with our Support Team!

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