How to Schedule a Stream to Multiple Platforms (Multistreaming)

Announce your broadcast to your viewers a few days in advance
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How do I schedule my broadcast?

  1. Log in to your Be.Live account using the latest version of Google Chrome or Safari.

  2. Click Set Destination on the top left section of the studio.

  3. Enable the Schedule Stream toggle.

  4. Set your intended broadcast date and time. You may schedule a broadcast up to a year in advance. 

  5. Select your broadcast destination. Select Facebook (for your timeline or any page/group that you manage), and YouTube (make sure to verify your YouTube account first). LinkedIn can also be added as an additional destination, but no announcement post will be created on the LinkedIn profile or organization. RTMP and Amazon streams can also be added to the list, but the broadcast has to be scheduled on the custom platform / on the Amazon app. 

  6. If you cannot see your Facebook page or group in the list, click here.

  7. Upload a cover image or create a custom image using our Graphic Generator!

  8. Add a broadcast title and description. They will be the same for both destinations.

  9. To add another destination, click the plus button (+) and repeat Step 5. (Note: You can have up to 5 destinations at the same time on the paid plans.)

  10. Hit Save.


How do I access my scheduled broadcast?

Click Scheduled streams and select the broadcast from the dropdown menu:

Once selected, stream settings will appear on the left side of the studio. 

From here, you can change the time/datecover image (thumbnail), title/description, and add or change the destination

Hit Save to apply any new changes.

How do I start my scheduled broadcast?

After accessing your scheduled broadcast, click Camera from the toolbar to push your webcam to the staging section:

Click Show in Stream to push your camera to the broadcasting section. Afterwards, click Start to begin your broadcast. A 3-second countdown will appear to signal the start of the stream. To end your broadcast, click the stop button:

To learn about viewer comments, check out our article on Studio Comments and Reactions.

Will my scheduled broadcast go live automatically?

No. It only serves as an announcement to your viewers about an upcoming broadcast. You need to start it manually.

💡Other things to know

  • It is not possible to stream to multiple YouTube channels simultaneously. You can only go live on one YouTube channel at a time.

  • You are required to start the broadcast within 10 minutes after the scheduled time.

  • If you previously scheduled a broadcast for a single destination, you may choose to add the second destination anytime. Just access the scheduled broadcast and click the plus (+) button to add the new destination.

  • When scheduling to Facebook, the initial link that is created right after scheduling on the My Streams page leads to your group/page/timeline with the broadcast. The link directly to your stream will be created once you have started broadcasting and will automatically change on the My Streams page. It will remain like this after the broadcast so you can share it at any point.

Cover image guidelines

  • Supported formats - .jpg or .png

  • Size - up to 3mb

  • Ratio - 16:9 (i.e. 1920x1080, 1280×720, etc.)

  • File name - no symbols or special characters

Want to create a cover image for your show? Click here to learn more about our Graphic Generator feature!

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How to Stream to Multiple Platforms (Multi-streaming)

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