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Let's see what new features and changes were released lately
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Here you can learn about all the new features & improvements to the Studio!

🍀 Lottery Jar

Doing a giveaway during your stream? The Lottery Jar widget allows you to conveniently and quickly pick a random participant among the commenters, without leaving your Be.Live studio. It is a giveaway mechanism that selects the winner randomly. Learn more here

😉 Shortcuts

Are you too busy interacting with your audience during your streams and don't want to be distracted by searching and clicking the buttons in the Studio? Then our new Studio shortcuts will help you to perform some common actions at lightning speed without using your mouse! Learn more about this feature here.

🔗 Amazon channel link in the destinations menu

Tired of copying and pasting a new broadcast URL each time you want to start an Amazon Live? No need to do that any longer! Now you just need to copy & save your Amazon channel link. This link doesn't change, so it's easier for you to set up the stream :) Learn more here.

💪 Multiple RTMP destinations

Do you want to go live to multiple RTMP destinations simultaneously? It's now possible with Be.Live! Learn how to set up an RTMP destination here

🐍 Comment Snake Widget

Comment Snake is a widget you can add to your stream where a moving snake will appear in your studio that grows every time your viewers comment. Learn more about this feature here.

📹 Connect your iPhone as a camera in the Studio (Mac OS)

With the newest iOS and Mac OS versions, you can add your iPhone camera as a webcam in the Studio without any additional software! Learn here how to do that. 

🔗 Tracking ID with Amazon product links

With this feature, you can analyze the performance while accumulating earnings. A tracking ID will be automatically integrated into the product link. When going live on Facebook or Youtube, the affiliate link will be sent to comments when using the Live Sales feature. Learn here how to set up the Amazon products carousel. 

👉🏻 New widgets: Follow and Unmute & Follow us widget

Encourage your viewers to follow you on social media & unmute your live streams! You can learn more about new widgets here.

🏷 Live sales events are sent to the Video Editor for easier tracking when a product was shown on the stream

It is important to know what viewers like the most about your stream, for example, during the display of which products new people subscribe to your channel. This data is now available on the Broadcast Activity Timeline! More details here.

🌄 Ability to upload custom backgrounds to the Video Editor

You can now upload a custom background to the editor! All the information about the editor and its features available here.

🤓 Other improvements:

  • Adding a currency value to the price field when importing Amazon product carouse
  • Ability to enable Comments Assistant while live
  • Showing countdown before guests are added to the stream
  • Ability to upload Facebook albums to the studio (after the Facebook change, it was only possible to upload one image)
  • Reset reactions and views counter when a new broadcast starts
  • Hiding an on-screen comment from the previous broadcast when a new broadcast starts
  • Preventing comments from overlapping with the Youtube playback bar
  • Renaming the Reset button in the destination popup to prevent confusion, now it's named "Create a new stream"
  • Adding validation for RTMP destination to make sure a host enters all the data properly and doesn't face issues during the live
  • Rebuilding Stream Settings for easier navigation
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